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Ritz Grill Restaurant
for Dining in Colorado Springs
15 S. Tejon Street
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903
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Awards and Reviews

The Independent, Food and Drink Readers' Poll Winners,
1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2011:
Best Restaurant for Power Lunch ... Best Bar To Be Seen In
 ... Best Singles Bar
... Best Place to Meet Women
Best Live Music ... Best Classy Bar ... Best Restaurant Staff
 ... Best Happy Hour ...
  Best Martini, Silver Award

Gazette, Best of the Springs, 2002: 
Best Happy Hour  ...  Best Bar (not a Brew Pub)

The Joint is Jumpin' - Tried and true, the Ritz Grill still satisfies.
"Eating -- and drinking -- at the Ritz Grill are time-honored
habits for most Colorado Springs downtowners.
Even when the street scene surrounding it was a wasteland,
the Ritz thrived. And amidst a constant influx
of new restaurants, breweries, nightclubs and
pizzerias over the past few years, the Ritz steadily
remains the place to go when you want a good,
reliable sip or a sympathetic sip. It's not the quietest
place to go even on its most placid nights.
But it is the place where everybody knows your name,
the place where you can count on a wide variety
of tasty food, reasonably priced and well prepared.

A review of the Ritz would not be complete without a tip
of the hat to the outstanding servers. This downtown bar
and grill is also a fine place for a family meal, especially
on a Sunday evening when the bar is generally quiet.
Rest assured your children will be treated like
honored guests by the fine waitstaff.

The Independent, Appetite, by Kathryn Eastburn,
February 22, 2001

"Maybe it's their sexy legs. Maybe it's the way they smile
as if they exist only to serve you. The Bartenders and Servers
at the Ritz are legendary, and they're what makes
this downtown institution a favorite year after year. 
Order a martini, sit back and enjoy the show."

Gazette, Best of the Springs, April 26, 2002

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